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2014 fashion trends fade, 2015 trends look similar

A new year means new fabulous, ridiculous and wonderfully unexpected fashion trends. Fashion is always a defining factor in how you look back on a certain year, like what you can’t believe you wore your first day of high school or your favorite celebrities’ iconic red carpet look. So, how will 2014 and 2015 be remembered in the world of fashion? Here is a brief look at the popular fashion trends of 2014, as well as the predicted trends and what you will see on the runway, online and in stores in the upcoming months.

In 2014, less was more:

Athleisure: The term athleisure refers to casual work out apparel, worn anywhere but the gym. Whether you know the term or not, it’s evident that leggings became a staple in everyday wear. I used to think this trend was cultivated on the University of Oregon campus due to the Ducks’ love for Nike and all things athletic. However, because of athletic apparel’s comfort, it became popular outside of Eugene. This style has led to an increase in athletic wear-exclusive brands popping up everywhere (think Lululemon, Lorna Jane, etc.). Even Beyoncé dabbled in the trend with her line at Topshop that features athletic multipurpose clothing. A few years ago, leggings used to be looked down on. Last year, they were called the new denim by and endorsed by high-end designers like Alexander Wang.

World Cup Gear: While the World Cup dominated TVs everywhere this past summer, it also dominated everyone’s t-shirts. Many retailers produced World Cup-themed pieces to represent the countries’ teams that participated. Naturally, people supported their teams by proudly broadcasting it across their chests. We’ll see it again in four years.

Itty Bitty Bikinis: Social media, specifically Instagram, blew up with luxury swimwear. Last year, Roxy swimwear got the boot. If you were caught in that on the beach, you might as well have been a fifth grader. Luxury swimwear seems to be a staple for everyone who lives in the sun and spends their days on beaches or by pools – think Triangl Bikini, Acacia Swimwear, Boutine, etc. The micro bikini also returned last year and made swimwear a lot more cheeky. Last year’s swimwear focused on bold colors banded with black. More boho-inspired swimwear also emerged with crochet tops and lace accessories.

Crops and Minis/Matching Sets: Skater skirts and crop tops were huge this year, but what was even bigger? Being put together in a matching set. Women everywhere, including Taylor Swift, love this trend because it is so easy. It looks cute and sexy at the same time without trying too hard. With a little midriff and some legs showing, this look was perfect for low-key parties. Layered with cardigans and tall socks with boots, you could go from nighttime to daylight easily. Skater skirts hit the shelves in both solid colors and patterns. Victoria’s Secret Pink released a ton of matching sets in neon fabric this year, as well. Crop tops became a bit tighter and t-shirt sleeves were added to convey a basic look.

NormCore: The name may sound unfamiliar, but the style is very recognizable. High fashion mavens traded their fancy labeled clothing for basic and plain clothes. Their goal isn’t to stand out simply by what they wear — they want to stand out for their personality. In order to achieve this, they transitioned to more basic clothes like simple gray sweatshirts and Adidas tube socks for more of a “tourist” look.

In 2015 it’s back to the basics:

Neutrals: Gone are the days when every dress you owned was that bright mint green color. Light, airy colors and subtle tones are the new pigments to embrace this year. These colors work for every season and match with practically all of the clothing you already own. Creams, oatmeals, grays and blues are all standard hues for 2015. Bonus: They are guaranteed to be versatile and will stay in style for years to come.

Loose clothing: In the past few years, American style has shifted from embracing skin-tight and revealing pieces in favor of loosely structured, quality items. Boxy coats, leather jackets and over-sized tees and sweaters have all become staples in the modern wardrobe. When opting for this trend, it is all about balance. If you wear something loose on top, try to wear something fitted on the bottom.

Sporty chic: In 2015, your Nikes will no longer be reserved for the gym. Pair sneakers with denim, slouchy pants and even t-shirt dresses to give your outfit an effortlessly cool vibe. Whoever said it is better to be overdressed than underdressed would definitely not be a fan of what is stylish for 2015, as American fashion culture is learning to love casual pieces over high-maintenance, super pricey ones. When starting out with this trend, try to keep your shoes basic and work your way up from there (channeling another trend: neutrals). An all-black pair of athletic shoes looks good with everything and are super easy to find.

Welcome to the new year, Oregon fashionistas.

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Sarah Vella-Labrador

Sarah Vella-Labrador