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How to start 2015 with a bang: New Year's Eve do's and don'ts

There’s something about New Year’s Eve that brings a certain agony to most minds, with heightened expectations being our worst enemy. Every year we think Dec. 31 will be the best night of the year, yet it has the tendency to fall short of what we were hoping for. It has also been said that how you spend New Year’s Eve is a preview of the rest of your year. Make this one the count by being on top of your game and you’ll be sure to ring in 2015 the right way.

DO go out: If you can choose one night this winter break to separate yourself from your couch, it’s this one. Record the ball drop special and enjoy it the next day; it’ll give you something else to watch after you’re still suffering from food coma-inducing football.

DO drink: Even if you’re not a big drinker, but especially if you’re 21, you need to at least have champagne, any bubbly that will get the buzz going. And if you do drink, remember to take it easy, so you don’t yell “Rappy Rew Year” with eight seconds left in the countdown.

DO take time to look your best: Put together a new outfit and be sure to have some sequins or sparkle somewhere on it. And guys can do no wrong while looking sharp, just saying. If you look your best, you’ll feel your best, so throw in the extra effort.

DO have a midnight kiss: There’s a way better chance of starting the New Year on a good foot than a bad one. Keep your eye on someone, but also how much they’ve been drinking. Keep it light and don’t force it; smothering is not sexy.

DO make sure your friends are close by: We can all agree that the best nights are where our friends are by our side. You’ll have way more fun with your support system than standing on your tip toes all night searching for someone to kiss.

DON’T go to a club: Unless you’re printing money, stay away from clubs. The cost and the line will sure be something that’ll heighten your disappointment when it doesn’t work out. Stick with finding out which friend sacrificed their house this year for a New Year’s Eve party or head to a bar. Relaxed atmosphere = relaxed you.

DON’T make unrealistic New Year’s resolutions: Start small and make your resolution something you can build upon throughout the New Year. So instead of telling yourself to go to the gym every day, start with four or five days a week and work yourself up from there.

DON’T drive: Companies like Uber were made for these kinds of nights, and the thought of finding parking should hurt your brain. This is not a night to be sloppy, but it is a night you will become best friends with a cab driver.

DON’T text your Ex: Heightened drinking can bring about heightened nostalgia, something you will be sure to regret the next morning. Leave your emotional baggage at the door and cheer to out with the old and in with the new. Bye ex’s, byeeeeee.

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Audrey Bittner

Audrey Bittner

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