Owens: What are your fellow Ducks doing this winter break?

Winter break is a very different experience for everyone and not only because of the different holidays being celebrated. After just getting done with the first set of finals for the school year, some people want to sit and relax while others want to go out and adventure.

During this time of year, many of the places we call home are experiencing very cold weather and some students want to try and escape to much warmer regions. Anneka Johnston, junior biology major, can’t wait to travel back to the Hawaiian Islands and soak up some much needed Vitamin D. “I am going to Maui during break. I can’t wait to lay in the warm sand on the beach; it is one of my favorite things to do,” Johnston said. “I also love hiking to my favorite waterfalls and cliff jumping into the ocean in the middle of winter. Something I definitely can’t do here.”

Hannah Anderson, junior public relations major, is going on an escapade unlike anything she has done before. “I get to go explore New Zealand for two weeks and I can’t wait to see the other side of the world,” Anderson said. “My boyfriend and I are taking a helicopter ride into a canyon in Queenstown where we get to go river rafting for an afternoon and we are really excited.”

Some students are lucky enough to go over seas, but for those of us who can’t, we must make the best out of what we have near us. Sophie Jackman, senior interior architecture major, is travelling to California this break to enjoy some live music. “I’m pretty stoked to be seeing Keys and Krates at The Regency in San Francisco over break,” Jackman said. “I’m going with some good friends from high school and it should be a great time.”

Miles Nerenberg, senior computer and  information science major, decided this was the year he wanted to experience going into a new year a little differently. “I am excited to be spending New Year’s Eve with my girlfriend in Las Vegas,” Nerenberg said. New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas is unlike anything else, as they close down the strip to all vehicles and let the streets fill with thousands of out-of-towners as they watch a beautiful firework show.

Emily Buswold, junior business administration major, plans to keep some family traditions going this year during winter break. “I am from the Bay Area, and every year my family and I drive down to Disneyland because we love how it is decorated during Christmas,” Buswold said. “My brothers are older so they come with their families and it is like a big family reunion.”

Nick Getz, junior human physiology major, is going home for the break, although he won’t exactly get much time to relax. “I will be heading home to San Diego and working for two weeks, then right after Christmas, which will be my last day in San Diego, I am helping my family move to Park City, Utah.”

While many of us are excited to go home for the break, several students want to spend some of their free time here in Eugene with their closest friends. Julie Sanders, senior business administration major, loves partaking in some holiday festivities with the people she cares about here in Eugene. “My eight roommates and I are excited be taking our annual Christmas picture,” Sanders said. “Usually the event goes pretty smoothly, a lot of ridiculous photos get taken, but there are some good ones too.”

Katrina Cantwell, sophomore pre-journalism major, plans to travel back home for most of winter break, but not until after she parties in Eugene a little. “During break I am throwing my friend, and roommate, Dalton a 20th birthday. The theme is winter wonderland, and we want everyone to wear fur or winter themed attire.”

Caitlin Draper, junior family and human services major, is spending her break in Eugene helping look after others who are less fortunate than herself. “I am staying here with my roommates over the break while we both work. I am a caseworker at shelter care, which is a homeless agency here in Eugene. I got an internship there through my major and they just recently gave me a part time job.”

Whatever it is you plan to do this break, just make sure that you spend the three and a half weeks exactly the way you want. Take this time to forget about finals and try your best to keep homework and registration out of your head as long as possible. Show your family and friends at home some love during the holidays and, most importantly, please be safe.

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Tanner Owens

Tanner Owens