Here’s what you should know about the UO board of trustees

Beyoncé says that girls run the world but, unfortunately the University of Oregon doesn’t praise Queen B like many college students do, so the Board of Trustees runs this campus. The board is UO’s new governing board, but what does that mean? Here’s what you should know about the UO BOT:

・Before 2014, the Board of Trustees UO was run by the Oregon University System. OUS used to run seven colleges, but, in 2014, Oregon State University, Portland State University and the University of Oregon left the system.

・In 2013, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber signed Senate Bill 270 into law. This bill allowed UO and other schools within OUS to establish their own independent governing boards.

・The governor makes nominations for members of the board and the Oregon Senate votes to approve the nominations. Recently, the governor nominated Helena Schlegel to the student seat on the board.

・The board chair is Chuck Lillis. He is the only member that can speak for the board.

・Chuck Lillis appointed board member Connie Ballmer head of the presidential search committee.

・The BOT includes a faculty representative, Susan Gary and a non-faculty staff representative, Kurt Willcox.

・The BOT will have the final vote to approve the next UO president.

・The BOT has final approval over the student conduct code, tuition and other major decisions at UO.

・Students and community members can speak to the BOT through the public comment portion of its regular meetings.

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Alexandra Wallachy

Alexandra Wallachy

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