"Ready for Hillary" bus gets mixed reactions on campus

Hillary Clinton hasn’t declared whether or not she’s running for president in 2016, but that hasn’t stopped political action committees from campaigning on her behalf or detractors from making their voices heard.

The Ready for Hillary campaign visited the University of Oregon campus Sunday afternoon bringing with it a cavalcade of supporters and opponents. Several students flocked in front of promotional buses holding signs sporting slogans such as “Ready for socialism,” and “Life’s a bitch, so why vote for one?”

The students did not specify an affiliation to any group at UO.

Ready for Hillary is a political action committee that supports a Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential bid. The committee arrived near UO campus on 15th Avenue and Kincaid Street Sunday from 1-2 p.m.

Taylor Allison, former ASUO presidential candidate and former ASUO senator, was among today’s crowd.

“I think that the sign that says ‘Life’s a bitch, why vote for one?’ is disgusting republican rhetoric that is being spewed at students here at the University of Oregon,” Allison said.”They have the right to free speech, but sexism doesn’t have a place on campus.”

Erin Horwitz, junior and public relations major at UO,  helped bring the bus to campus by tweeting at the “Ready for Hillary” campaign.

“It’s fun that a national political movement is coming to Oregon,” Horwitz said. “There are obviously more people supporting Hillary.”

Many attendee’s posed for pictures with the Hillary bus and received free promotional posters and stickers.

The next stop for the campaign bus will be at University of California, Davis.



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