ASUO and SLAP stopped in attempt to enter office space of Johnson

Members of the ASUO and the Student Labor Action Project attempted to protest in Johnson Hall offices this afternoon to show support for the GTFF strike.  Students had also protested yesterday in the lobby of Johnson Hall with a “Solidarity Study In.” However, this time, UOPD was called to the scene after students were denied entry, but refused to leave.

Senior Director of Community Relations Matt Roberts told the students that they would not be permitted to enter the offices as a group because they did not have an appointment and the demonstration would disrupt those working inside.

Instead, Roberts offered the option of letting each student come inside one at a time, state their business and leave.

Only SLAP President Gabi Cicourel was allowed into the office. Fire marshall Zach Earl stationed himself outside the door as other students asked him why they were being barred from the offices.

“My job here is to make sure that these people can do their jobs, which you guys will all understand,” said Earl.

When the students said they would not be leaving the area, Earl called in UOPD.

The students again argued that they had been in the office as a group in the past and asked why they were being prevented from entering this time. Roberts locked the door to the offices in response.

“We have all gone in there before as a group, and there is no rule saying that we can not go in there,” said Cicourel.

According to the full Student Code of Conduct as detailed in the Oregon Administrative Rules, violations of standards of respect for property and shared university resources include, “Engaging in behavior that could reasonably be foreseen to cause disruption of, obstruction of, or interference with the process of instruction, research, administration, student discipline or any other service or activity provided or sponsored by the university.” 

Three officers arrived at Johnson approximately ten minutes later. When it was established that the students were not attempting to force their way through the locked door, UOPD left the scene.

SLAP and ASUO remained in Johnson for some time, chanting and displaying signs. They later exited the building and rallied out front with several GTFs.

There is no word yet if SLAP or ASUO have any further protests scheduled in the event that an agreement between the GTFF and administration is not reached.

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