ASUO Senate is moving forward despite backlash from hiring process

This term, ASUO Senate and Executive board had a controversial hiring process when multiple individuals stepped forward to voice their mistrust of the system and the unfairness of the process.

However, the hired senators are moving forward in their positions and trying to make a difference on the senate. They will get to work on connecting their departments and student needs through the ASUO Senate.

Junior Will Iversen is involved in the Marine Corps Reserve and the OSA campaign “Vote of Vote.” Iversen comes from Grants Pass and, though he is new to the senate, is making his presence known as the Business and Science Representative on seat 11.

Wednesday’s ASUO Senate meeting took a controversial turn when members voiced concern over funding a speaker they did not feel comfortable with. Iversen reminded the groups to consider view point neutrality and look at the situation in what is best for the student body as a whole.

Aven-itza De Primavera is a junior majoring in journalism and minoring in history. She is involved with Duck TV and works at the the Student Rec Center. 

“I plan on using the skills I have learned in the journalism department to connect my constituents from the journalism and history schools with the senate process,” she said.

Lizeth Marin sits on seat 17 and represents law and the social sciences. Marin is majoring in political science and is heavily involved as a coordinator for Women in Business. She plans to focus on club and student group involvement in the senate and hearing their opinions and concerns.

“I would really like to reach out to student groups on campus that approach senate. I plan to follow up with a lot of the groups and hopefully get to go to some meetings and see their accomplishments,” Marin said.

Hao Tan sits on senate under seat 21 as the freshman representative. He is a member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity and served on the student council at his high school. The freshman representative is present for all meetings, but is not allowed to vote on motions.

Quang Truong comes from Portland and is majoring in biology and minoring in ethnic studies and biochemistry. Truong sits on senate seat 4 and the EMU board. His presence in the Pacific Asian Community Alliance as well as many other groups within the university is felt at every senate meeting.

Senator Yelin Oh commented on the new senators and what she believes they will bring to the table.

“I have not had a chance to get to know all of them,” Oh said. “But the ones I’ve talked to seem likable and and dedicated to learn as much as they can as fast as possible.”

For more information on new senate members and their office hours visit the ASUO website.

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Ally Taylor

Ally Taylor