Take a knee: Former Oregon wide receiver Daryle Hawkins talks about his future

Former Oregon football players Josh Huff, De’Anthony Thomas and Terrance Mitchell appear to be locks for a future in the NFL. However, at the team’s annual Pro Timing Day Thursday afternoon, there were players participating with bleak NFL futures. One of those players was former Oregon wide receiver Daryle Hawkins. Hawkins, a product design major, talked with the Emerald and another reporter on Thursday about his football future.

How did you feel out there today?

“Not bad. Coming off a knee surgery, it was just good to get out there and run.”

What were your expectations coming into today?

“I definitely had something to prove coming out here. I think it was a good benchmark for where I’m at now.”

Do you have a chip on your shoulder?

“I’m definitely hungry as far as not really being with the team as far as the off-season goes. It really makes you appreciate how much you really love and need football.”

Was your injury a reality check?

“It definitely comes into play when you’re training. You’re that much hungrier for it.”

Do you think you improved your stock after your performance?

“Just to get my name out there and being in front of a lot of people. Anytime you can do that, someone is watching.”

What can you work on?

“You can always get better, faster and stronger. The more time you have to prepare, the better you’re going to be.”

What are your plans after this?

“Right now I have to get ready for a presentation. I have a presentation tomorrow at 5:30 in Portland. I’m definitely going to be resting and recovering and continuing to train and get ready.”

Are you nervous for NFL draft day?

“I think I’ll be nervous just seeing where I end up and line up. It’s every kid’s dream (to play in the NFL) and I’m ready to see that dream happen.”

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