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Humble Bundle gives away great games for a good cause

PC gaming on a budget can be tough. In a world where $60 AAA releases always seem to coincide with the day that bills are due, you can’t always find the funds to play the games you want when you want.

But living in entertainment poverty doesn’t have to be boring. For years, the folks over at Humble Bundle have been making independent games available at the very agreeable price of “whatever you want to pay.” Even better, you can choose where your money goes: You can give it to either the developer or various charities.

For its 11th collection of independent games, Humble Bundle has outdone itself with some of last year’s best underground hits. The offer ends tomorrow, so get to to support charity and expand your digital library. For your donation, you will receive…

“Guacamelee! Gold Edition” (PC/Linux/Mac): A loving tribute to the world of Spanish “Luchador” wrestling and the world of gaming culture, “Guacamelee” is a hybrid 2D brawler and an exploration-based platformer. It’s flashy, funny and always fun. If you’re a fan of games like “Shadow Complex” or “Super Metroid,” “Guacamelee!” is a guaranteed hit.

“Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams” (PC, Linux/Mac at a later date): This retro-inspired platformer sports some impressive visuals as you jump between “cute” and “punk” versions of every level. With expansive levels and a dizzying amount of content, this is a time sink for the ages.

“Dust : An Elysian Tail” (PC/Mac/Linux): Don’t let the anthropomorphic animal designs of the characters mislead you. This is an adult fantasy tale with a fantastic combat. A true labor of love, this epic is the work of just one man — making every moment all the more impressive.

“The Swapper” (PC/Mac/Linux): Invoking memories of dark sci-fi like “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “Moon,” “The Swapper” is an inventive puzzler with a chilling story hook to its simple premise. With a moody, atmospheric score and gorgeous tilt-shifted visuals, this is a must-play for any fan of the genre.

If you pay more than the average price paid for the bundles (currently hovering around $5), you’ll gain access to even more games. Two have already been announced, and a few more will be revealed in the days to come.

“Antichamber” (PC/Linux/Mac): Many games aspire to be “trippy,” but few dare to break all laws of logic, reason and sanity like “Antichamber.” This first-person puzzle game is best described as “Portal” on a heavy dose of mescaline. Traverse through different rooms that test both your mental dexterity and your commitment to the laws of spatial reasoning.

“Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine” (PC/Linux/Mac): A different type of stealth game, “Monaco” is a little bit “Hitman” and a little bit “Pac-Man.” From a top-down perspective, you and up to three friends take on various criminal personas and raid many a safe in pursuit of the almighty gold.

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