Beach: Five ways that Miley Cyrus is doing it right

It’s no secret that Miley Cyrus has made a comeback this year. She has gone against the grain in almost every aspect of her career and, in turn, has gotten people talking and has resurrected her popularity.

There are five main reasons why I believe Miley Cyrus is making the right choices in regard to her career.

1. Unique style

It all started with the hair cut — the moment when Miley plunged her way back to the top of pop culture discussions all over the world. When she buzzed and bleached her long brown locks, people could tell that Miley was staging something huge. Her nude-colored, latex outfit that she wore during her performance on the MTV Video Music Awards also received a lot of feedback, both negative and positive, via social media and fashion blogs all over the net.

2. Controversial statements

Ms. Cyrus has made many comments over the course of the past year. Whether it’s sex, drugs or other celebs, Miley has commented on it. Her most recent jab was at Beyonce, calling her outdated and stating that she lacked fresh blood, unlike herself. Needless to say, these comments thrown by Cyrus have not been received well and have caused her to be criticized by many media sites and fan bases. She is also one to be quite open about her recent drug use, even commenting to Rolling Stone, “I think weed is the best drug on earth … and molly, too.”

3. Racy music videos

In 2013, Cyrus dropped her fourth album, Bangerz. Her first singles off of the album, “Wrecking Ball,” “We Can’t Stop” and “Adore You” did not come without crazy music videos. Going against the pop music grain and the old Miley that we all knew, her videos featured nudity, steam and just when we thought we had seen it all, Cyrus riding a wrecking ball completely bare. Her “We Can’t Stop” video broke the record for fastest video to reach 100 million views on Vevo, and later, Cyrus shattered that record with her “Wrecking Ball” video, according to E! Online. Seems like Miley may know what she is doing after all.

4. Making people mad

Miley’s 2013 antics have left many people with a bad taste in their mouth and a lot of anger toward the 21-year-old starlet. When she “twerked” all over Robin Thicke during their VMA performance, she received huge backlash from the Parents Television Council, causing one mother to write an article titled “Dear Daughter, Let Miley Cyrus Be a Lesson To You.” But Miley still wins, because even people who don’t like her are spending their time talking about her and raising her profile.

5. Doing whatever she wants, whenever she wants

She says it herself in the track titled “Do My Thang” off of Bangerz. In 2013 she did exactly that. Miley Cyrus did whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted and answered to no one. Perhaps this was why people tend to despise her so much.

Who else dances with giant teddy bears on stage? Or violates herself on national TV with a foam finger?

Miley does.

Miley knows exactly what she is doing. She did these things to get talked about, to start conversation. After all, making a comeback is no easy feat … And neither is shaking the “goodie goodie” image that Disney so forcefully stamped on her.

I like what Cyrus is doing. While I do not agree with all the messages that she sends forth, I do appreciate her individuality and desire to break the mold.

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