DuckLife: The University of Oregon by the numbers

No matter what you major in, there’s just no escaping numbers. Journalism majors dread the two economics classes they’re required to take. Allied Arts and Architecture students will undoubtedly marvel at just how much the 16-ounce Chai in their building’s café just cost them. And math majors, well, the less we know, the better. Here are some of the most interesting figures relating to your college experience we could drum up:


The number of officially recognized resting places within a one-mile radius of the UO campus. Pioneer Cemetery near MacArthur Court is home to many of Eugene’s most notable former residents and Pre’s Rock stands as a memorial to track and field legend Steve Prefontaine. The Eugene Masonic Cemetery can be found near 25th Avenue and University Street and Laurel Hill Cemetery is just east of campus. The Masonic and Pioneer cemeteries are known as great places for afternoon walks — just be wary of travelling near either once the sun sets.


The number of places on the one block of 13th Avenue directly across from the UO’s west entrance where you can grab a cup of joe or an entire meal. Of course, if Quizno’s still occupied the building it shared with Starbucks, it’d be 13, but no — that would be too perfect. Turn the corner on 13th and Alder heading north and this number nearly doubles.


If a class met in Columbia 150 and there was a butt in every seat, this is how many people would be attached to said posteriors. This is, by far, the largest classroom on campus. Professor Professerson once made the mistake of filling this lecture hall with a discussion section for Paradigms of Human Memory. Things did not go well (and I sincerely hope you assumed the previous sentence was a lie. But, seriously, how horrible would that experience have been?)

81 and 35

The number of miles allocated to bicycle lanes on Eugene’s streets and of dedicated bike trails in the city, respectively. Funny enough, it’s faster to ride your bike from the UO campus to Alton Baker Park than it is to drive — one of five bicycle/pedestrian bridges spanning the Willamette make it an easy commute.


This is the average value of a University of Oregon’s student loan debt upon graduating as of 2011, the most recent year for which figures are available. So it’s decision time: Do you really want that degree or would you rather pony up the dough for a 2013 Dodge Dart?


The number of miles between you and the city known for its residents’ penchant for putting birds on things. During your time at the UO, you’ll definitely want to check out the only city in the state that boasts a larger population than Eugene’s. Find out for yourself if everything you saw in “Portlandia” is true.


This is the number of sunny days Eugene experiences on average. Sounds good enough, right? Unfortunately, if you’re a Duck who likes to migrate home for the summer, this number will decrease drastically for you as the majority of Vitamin-D soaked afternoons occur between early July and late September.


The average calendar year will yield 139 days of precipitation, whether it’s a light sprinkle prior to a big Duck game or a torrential downpour that shuts down entire streets due to flooding concerns. They say real Oregonians don’t carry umbrellas but that’s incredibly misleading — most everyone who says this wears his or her umbrella, and it’s usually Columbia brand.


What’s the sales tax in Washington right now, 80 percent? What about California, Montana or Colorado? When you’re in Eugene, it really doesn’t matter because Oregon is one of the few states in the union without a sales tax. So when fast food places advertise a $1 value menu, it really means your tiny cheeseburger will only cost you a buck (and maybe a slight dip in your sense of self-worth.)


The number of bodies that Autzen Stadium can hold at full capacity. If the university ever required all of its students to take one class simultaneously, this would be the place to do it. Heck, if Lane Community College, located just over the hill on 30th Avenue, wanted its students to do the same, there’d be room to spare as well. In comparison, Matt Knight Arena holds 12,364.

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