Oregon House approves bigger budget for universities, but administrators say tuition will likely still increase

The Oregon House of Representatives today approved increased funding for the state’s colleges and universities for the first time in years, but administrators at the state’s institutions of higher learning still say tuition increases are necessary to defray rising costs.

University funding would increase by 8 percent more than is allotted for the current two-year budget cycle, which ends June 30. Community colleges would see a budget increase of about 14 percent. Even still, tuition increases, such as the University of Oregon’s proposed 5.8 percent increase, remain for the 2013-2014 academic year.

“Our students are bearing the brunt of that (education cost) on their backs,” Hood River Rep. Mark Johnson, told The Statesman Journal.

The university budget proposal passed 48-12, with dissenting Democrats and Republicans arguing that the increase was not nearly enough. The proposed budgets for both Oregon’s universities and community colleges go to the Senate for approval next. The state Board of Higher Education will meet on Friday to set tuition for the coming year.

This story is developing. The Emerald will update as the Senate and Board of Higher Education meet in the coming days.


Eder Campuzano

Eder Campuzano

Eder is the Emerald's director of audience engagement. His work has appeared in The Oregonian, The Statesman Journal and the News-Register in McMinnville. He was also a founding member of the University of Oregon's competitive Pokémon league.