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Don’t DIY: Call a pro for these household problems

As good as it feels to successfully remove broken bulbs from lamps and fix dents with plungers, there are a few common household issues that a professional should take care of. Rental insurance will also come in handy so you don’t get stuck footing the entire bill if the job isn’t routine maintenance, which rental companies and landlords are charged with addressing.

Tree removal

Is that great oak in your rental’s backyard looking a little droopy? Maybe one of the branches has begun to get dangerously close to your bedroom window? Don’t climb on the limb and attempt to hack it off yourself. After all, it’s not like you have insurance for that kind of thing like, say, an arborist might.

Broken doors and windows

Have you ever woken up in the morning to see your kitchen window in pieces on the floor in front of your sink? Well, if and when you do, clean up the shards and dispose of them properly but call your landlord and report the incident. Rental companies usually have a handyman or a preferred agency they’ll use for these jobs.

Leaking pipes

If your closest experience to a career in plumbing is successful mastery of every underwater level of “Super Mario Bros.,” it’s probably safe to say you won’t know how to properly handle this problem. Besides, this falls under the category of routine maintenance most landlords and rental agencies take responsibility for.

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