Videos of UO adjunct professor James Olmsted in confrontation with student group incites anger on social media

Update: The University of Oregon Police Department released a statement Friday, confirming that Olmsted, 58, was arrested Thursday afternoon on campus.

He (Olmsted) was cited in lieu of custody for second-degree theft and two counts of physical harassment. Olmsted was escorted off campus and issued a letter forbidding his return. An investigation is ongoing and other charges may be pending.”

University of Oregon adjunct law professor James Olmsted has been removed from the law school’s adjunct and affiliated faculty page. You can check out the cached site here. @@checked@@


Several videos displaying an argument between Olmsted and students protesters started to make the rounds on social media late Thursday evening. The videos show different angles of a heated altercation between him and a student he pushed out of the way.

According to the YouTube descriptions, the videos take place near the EMU amphitheater at a mock border check-in organized by Students Against Imperialism  — a group in support of equitable treatment along the United States-Mexican border, which recently combined with the group, Students for Palestinian Liberation.

It is unclear how the dispute started and ended, as both videos capture only the middle of the quarrel.

More to follow.

*Warning, these videos contain profane language that may offend*!



Sam Stites

Sam Stites