Police apprehend traffic violator in chase outside New Max’s Tavern yesterday

Eugene Police arrested 23 year old Kevin Pieracci, the subject of a traffic violation induced police chase, outside of New Max’s Tavern on East 13th Avenue around 5:45 p.m. Friday night.

The subject was originally stopped by an officer for what appeared to be an expired license plate on his motorcycle, according to Eugene Police Lieutenant Scott Fellman. Pieracci then allegedly proceeded to flee police on foot and was chased by a police K-9 into the neighborhood surrounding New Max’s Tavern and through the bar where he was apprehended by police. @@names checked@@

Witnesses told police that Pieracci appeared to be carrying a handgun, but upon apprehension officers did not find a weapon.

Pieracci was then taken to the Lane County Jail where he was held on several charges including failing to carry and present a valid drivers license, interfering with police, alluding by foot, resisting arrest and traffic citations.

Public reaction to the scene was ideal for a police chase in a public location, according to Fellman.

“From looking at the reports it looks like everybody did just exactly what we would like them to do … Nobody interfered and nobody did anything to create any additional danger situations,” Fellman said. “They stayed out of the way.”


Sami Edge

Sami Edge

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