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Greek: How to be a fashionable "frat boy" has listed the five clothing items for a true “frat boy.” Here’s our take on each:

Sperry Top Siders
Although Eugene is an inland city without any area remotely nearby to sail a boat, owning a pair of this brand of boat shoes is a must. Just make sure you don’t get the infamous “Sperry Feet,” the unfortunate odor-phenomenon that accompanies a pair of shoes that should, but doesn’t, require socks.

These obnoxiously pastel and overly-priced short-shorts are almost a requirement. Fraternities around the nation have made it clear that cargo shorts are out and are on the path of banning shorts that aren’t at least two inches above the knee as well.

Neon sorority snapback hats
Nothing boosts a man’s ego more than to show off his popularity with sororities, and nothing is more popular within sororities than to boast their chapter love on a neon snapback.

Bro tanks
Sun’s out, guns out. Even though Oregon doesn’t provide the necessary warmth to actually wear a bro tank without risking catching a cold, no fraternity man can resist pulling out a tank as soon as the sun peeks out from the clouds. The more obnoxious the phrase on the bro tank is, the frattier the man.

Anything America
Because being “’Murican” is the frattiest thing you can do.

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Brittany Nguyen

Brittany Nguyen