Kansas State arrives in the desert

Two days after the Ducks landed in Phoenix their Fiesta Bowl opponents arrived to begin practice for the January 3rd Fiesta Bowl. At his introductory press conference, Kansas State head coach acknowledged that it’s impossible to truly prepare for the Ducks pace of play in practice, but said the team took lessons from its loss to Baylor that may help them against the Ducks high powered rushing attack.

“You can’t stand around against a team that moves awful fast,” Snyder said.  “We did that. That was a ball game that we learned a lot. I think we learned a lot about how we reacted or responded to the preparation during the course of the week”

Oregon safety Brian Jackson talked about what Oregon will need to do on the other side of the ball to stop Kansas State’s own tough offense.  Jackson said the Ducks will watch tape of all of the Wildcats’ opponents—not just Baylor—for clues on how to stop Collin Klein and company.

“There’s never a magic formula,” Jackson said. “You have things that you can look at to help, but it really boils down to how will you perform when you’re in that situation?”


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