Photo countdown: 8 days to the Fiesta Bowl

It’s only 8 days until the 2013 Fiesta Bowl where the Oregon Ducks will face the Kansas State Wildcats. Every day we’ll post a meaningful photo from the year to recap the eventful season and get fans prepped for Oregon’s fourth consecutive BCS game. Be sure to check out the rest of the Emerald’s football coverage leading up to the game.@@checked all links@@

Will he or won’t he? That’s the question circulating on many a Duck fan’s mind this week, in regards to head coach Chip Kelly’s decision to provide explosive star player De’Anthony Thomas with plenty of time on the field against the Kansas State Wildcats. Although his sophomore season has seen less playing time than his first year playing with the Ducks, it seems that Thomas is capable of delivering ESPN highlight-worthy plays every time he steps onto the field, whether on the offensive or defensive lines.
Will Chip let De’Anthony out of the gates against the Wildcats, and in what positions will he be given a chance to contribute?

De’Anthony Thomas scored Oregon’s first touchdown against USC off of a 16-yard touchdown pass from Marcus Mariota. (Alex McDougall/Emerald)


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