Photo countdown: 16 days to the Fiesta Bowl

It’s only 16 days until the 2013 Fiesta Bowl where the Oregon Ducks will face the Kansas State Wildcats. Every day we’ll post a meaningful photo from the year to recap the eventful season and get fans prepped for Oregon’s fourth consecutive BCS game. Be sure to check out the rest of The Emerald’s football coverage leading up to the game.

Sometimes just as exciting as the actual touchdown play is the action after the play. Players overcome with emotion leap high in the air to congratulate each other. Offensive lineman mob a smaller, skill-position player, smacking him hard on the helmet and lifting him high into the air. With the Oregon offense, it happens plenty of times every game.

Colt Lyerla celebrates one of his two touchdown receptions with De’Anthony Thomas during Oregon’s 52-21 victory over Washington. (Alex McDougall/Emerald)


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