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Brightening people's days using 'UOregon Compliments' Facebook page

Believe in the power of compliments? Wish to spread kindness via social media? Well, then post an anonymous compliment on the “UOregon Compliments” Facebook page.

“UOregon Compliments” is a page dedicated to posting compliments anonymously. All one has to do is message the page administrator with a compliment for a friend or a stranger, and she will post that comment as a status. All the while, your identity remains anonymous.

Although I personally don’t have a problem with complimenting people directly, I see the mysterious allure the page provides. You can make someone’s day with a surprising, kind message. Plus, what’s not great about a page focused on spreading selfless love?

The creator of the Facebook page, who also wishes to remain anonymous, agrees the site provides a good way to “brighten people’s days.”@@left quote [email protected]@ She got the idea from looking at other university compliments pages, including those of Brown University and Penn State, and despite her having started it only a few days ago, she says the site has become pretty popular.

“This site is for people who want to bring a smile to others’ faces,” the creator of the page said. “There’s no point in bringing down others with hurtful words.”

Here are a few of the compliments that have already been posted:

@@left this quote as-is; pulled from site [email protected]@“Mackenzie Dickins is drop dead beautiful with an amazing personality. If you haven’t been blessed with the opportunity to meet her I strongly suggest that you do because she is one of a kind. (Except for guys cause she’s all mine) changing my life one moment at a time.”

@@[email protected]@“I haven’t spoken with Will Fischer before but I have admired him from afar, his beautiful smile, care-free attitude, and willingness to help others in need make him a great and admirable guy. He is a good role model for all University of Oregon students. He proudly professes his strong faith in his choice of clothes, words, and mannerisms. I wish I could be more like Will Fischer.”

@@[email protected]@“Dear Brittney G, Thank you for being able to always put a smile on my face. Keep up the positive attitude!”

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