Photo countdown: 24 days to the Fiesta Bowl

It’s only three weeks until the 2013 Fiesta Bowl where the Oregon Ducks will face the Kansas State Wildcats. Every day we’ll post a meaningful photo from the year to recap the eventful season and get fans prepped for Oregon’s fourth consecutive BCS game. Be sure to check out the rest of The Emerald’s football coverage leading up to the game.

The Oregon Ducks are about to take the field for their season opening game against Arkansas State and even though you can’t see Chip Kelly in this photo, his influence is all around the team. Walking arm-in-arm, the disciplined Ducks are reminded to block out fan’s sky-high expectation and “Win the Day” as they take the field to begin the 2012 season.

The Oregon Ducks make their way to the field with new yellow helmets before their season opener against Arkansas State at Autzen Stadium September 1, 2012. (Alex McDougall/The Emerald)


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