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Health: What your sleep position says about you

When you crawl into bed at night, the type of position you tend to sleep can have something interesting to say about your personality and what kind of person you are.

In an article published on Yahoo! Health, author Lisa Collier Cool gives an insight as to the most common sleep positions and what they can mean.

study  with 1,000 participants came up with four different conditions that people tend to sleep on: the fetal, the log sleeper, the yearner and the freefallers.

The Fetal

One of the most common forms of sleep, people who sleep like this are showing that not only are they looking for comfort, but also that they worry constantly and may be ones to over think their daily lives.

The Log Sleeper

As the name suggests, people who sleep as straight as a log and don’t move throughout the night might wake up the next morning stiff.  According to Cool, people who become boards might need to relax.

The Yearner

Sleeping on your side with outstretched arms could mean people who wake up are excited to get their day started. Cool suggests that yearners “are also people who go after their dreams without a real focus and they can be chronic time wasters.”

The Free-fallers

Just like the Tom Petty song, a free-faller is when you sleep on your stomach with outstretched arms. If you believe you’re not getting enough sleep, then it’s possible that you are one of these people. People who sleep like this tend to get the least amount of sleep.

So what position do you tend to sleep in?

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