Coaches weigh in on Fiesta Bowl Matchup

On paper, the Fiesta Bowl looks to be promising for college football fans who like shootouts. Oregon’s high-powered offense, led by senior running back Kenjon Barner and freshman quarterback Marcus Mariota, will go head-to-head against a Kansas State team led by one-time Heisman front runner Collin Klein.

Of course come gameday, anything could happen.

“Who knows what to expect?” Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder said.

KSU faces a few other high-octane offense in the Big-12, but Synder admits that the 16-17 seconds per play taken by other Big-12 teams is a far cry from the up-tempo attack run by the Ducks.

“They’re probably a little faster,” he said.

But what makes the Ducks offense so effective isn’t just that fast pace, it’s the change of pace from when the Ducks go slow to when they speed up the tempo.

“We don’t play fast all the time,” head coach Chip Kelly said. “We’re always looking for a schematic advantage.”

Both coaches said they were excited for the opportunity to play each other and neither made much of a story of the much-talked about cancelled game between the two. Kelly said he was looking forward to coaching against a legendary coach like Snyder — who famously turned Kansas State’s entire program around when he first took over as head coach.

“He’ll go down in history as one of the greatest college coaches of all time,” Kelly said.


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