Technology: Notable news for Nov. 19 – Nov. 23

Nintendo’s new console, the Wii U, was released on Nov. 18. The Wii U’s primary selling point is its touch-screen tablet-esque controller that allows players a host of new options when interacting with their games, in addition to traditional analog sticks and buttons.

In San Antonio, Texas, a student has been suspended for refusing to wear a student ID card using radio-frequency identification (RFID), which allows for students to be tracked when they are on campus. The student cites religious reasons as well as privacy reasons for not wearing the card. A local judge has tentatively blocked the suspension.

The newest boom in internet retail? Subscription services. Offering scheduled fees in return for regular delivery of necessities, if you need razors, pantyhose or prophylactics, the internet may just be the place for you to turn.

Internet-famous cartoonist and writer Matthew Inman (known as The Oatmeal) is once again embroiled in legal trouble. Those familiar with his previous exploits against Funny Junk and their Lawyer David Carreon, will note that this time there’s a legitimate case against him: small greeting card manufacturers Oatmeal Studios fear brand confusion in a marketplace where The Oatmeal sells his own scatological cards.

If you’ve got five minutes and a pair of headphones, try giving The Message a play. A short text adventure with excellent illustrations and writing — it’s worth your time. Also, when the game advises you to put on some space music, it’s a nice addition to your experience.

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