Technology: Notable news for Nov. 12-Nov. 16

Reuter’s @@checked link@@has a piece on the degradation of anonymity on the Internet, as highlighted by the scandal of the former CIA Director David Petraeus.@@google@@ This article is specifically in reference to how easily Paula Broadwell @@checked@@was discovered through supposedly anonymous email addresses when she sent harassing emails to socialite Jill Kelley.@@checked@@

Internet streaming giant YouTube has come under fire for its treatment of a video showing the death of Ahmed al-Jabari, Hamas’ military leader.@@checked Google@@ The company is standing firm @@checked link@@on its decision to keep the infamous video where it is, according to Wired, stating that it doesn’t violate the terms of service.

Facebook has decided to redesign @@checked link@@the way it operates the news feed for “liked” pages, reports Wired. Though not officially in response to criticisms from “liked” page superstars George Takei and Mark Cuban, the new changes come on the heels of a great deal of scorn by media giants attempting to get their content out to fans of their pages.

The inimitable Oatmeal put up a comic @@checked link@@on the strain and glory of being a creative on the Web. It is, needless to say, not safe for work. And also awesome.


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