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Tech: Five educational and entertaining YouTube channels

If you’re looking for a good way to keep your brain fed on the internet, look no further. YouTube offers some incredible channels to help you learn new ideas from passionate people:

PBS Idea Channel
Each episode begins with an outlandish thesis (“Is Doctor Who a Religion?,” “What do MP3s and Magic Spells Have in Common?”) and then host Mike Rugnetta proceeds to make it make sense. What makes Idea Channel so interesting is its ability to link ideas as disparate as 19th century philosophy and internet culture, and then make a coherent argument for why they fit.

Minute Physics
Using stick figures to teach complex topics is Henry Reich’s approach to educating his viewers in physics. It works, too, as he is able to take big, complex topics like string theory and distill them into digestible portions (usually in more time than a minute, sadly).

Khan Academy
Founded by Salman Khan to be a nonprofit educational resource for anyone with an internet connection, Khan Academy has lectures and lessons on just about any topic you could think of. If you need help brushing up on Calculus or studying up for Middle Eastern History, you won’t be disappointed.

Smarter Every Day
Destin, the host and producer of Smarter Every Day, breaks down physical phenomena in super slow-motion with intuitive explanations for how it all works. If you’ve ever wondered how a cat always lands on its feet while staying true to the Conservation of Angular Momentum, Smarter Every Day has the answer.

A little less consistent in its update schedule, Vsauce nonetheless provides exhaustive explanations for things you never knew you wanted to know. For instance, why do we have two nostrils? Or, why are things cute? Vsauce also has two other channels, Vsauce2 and Vsauce3, for facts on art and video games.

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