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Greek: Top 5 ‘sratty’ things to wear

“Sratty” is the creatively named sorority counterpart of the term “fratty.” It simply means living up to the sorority stereotype to best of your ability and should not in any way be taken seriously. These five “sratty” things to wear ideas stem from Total Sorority Move, a popular website within Greek Life.

5. Fraternity rush shirts/tanks
Nothing screams “frat hard, srat often” more than wearing fraternity apparel. After all, it’s a piece of apparel voluntarily (well, most of the time) given to you from a fraternity gentleman who thought you were worthy enough to represent his chapter.

4.  Angelfish Sperry Top-Siders
A feminine style of the widely popular Sperry Top-Sider brand. These shoes are a staple in any sorority woman’s wardrobe, as it makes any outfit instantly classy. And — who knows — you may spontaneously wind up sailing on a boat after class, so it’s always good to wear boat shoes on campus just in case.

3. An American Apparel bow
Having a bad hair day? Follow the herds and just clip it back with a bow. Relive your childhood days of playing dress up with imaginary friends at a tea party.

2. Snapbacks and fanny packs
Nothing screams “I’m fun, I’m wild!” more than wearing a backwards snapback. As for the fanny packs…well, they are very functional, so I can’t find the strength to direct any sarcasm toward them.

1. Lilly Pulitzer
And make sure you spell it right. This doesn’t just apply to apparel; the more immersed your life is in Lilly patterns, the more sratty you can be. Get creative. This girl did.

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Brittany Nguyen

Brittany Nguyen