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Mailbag: More responses to last Monday's Mitt Romney feature

In response to “How a Mitt Romney presidency would affect your sex life” (Emerald, 10/29/12)

Abortion should not be a form of birth control

What an absurd notion that abortion is a viable form of birth control. It says a great deal about our society, when the killing of a fetus is considered a rational solution to a moment’s bad planning.

To the woman that said “the federal government has no role to play in my sex life or my reproductive organs,” this seems to be a postion in support of Romney cutting support to Planned Parenthood. If they are your organs and the federal government has no business telling you what to do with them, then the federal government shouldn’t have to pay for your problem. You made the bad decision so deal with it. Aren’t you all lucky that your mothers decided to keep you?

— Blaine A [email protected]@http://www.uoregon.edu/findpeople/person/Blaine%2AA%[email protected]@, University student 

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Franklin Bains

Franklin Bains