Top news around Oregon on Nov. 5

Madras traffic stop turns into drug bust

Oregon State Police stopped a pickup truck on Highway 97 for speeding Sunday afternoon, only to discover 56 lbs of marijuana in the driver’s possession, according to KPTV.

The California native, John Stonebarger, 54, was charged with unlawful possession, distribution and manufacture of a controlled substance.

Portland Police officers recovering from injuries

Officers Mark McGlaughlin and Justin Clary were treated at a Portland-area hospital and released after the officers’ response to an assault call turned violent.

McGlaughlin suffered a broken thumb and a cut lip which required stitches, while Clary had damage done to his ear after the pair of officers struggled to bring down 38-year-old Brian Delashmutt.

The officers used batons, pepper spray and tasers to finally bring Delashmutt, who resided in a nearby mental institution,  into custody after he assaulted a gas attendant and customer at a USA gas.

Salem ferry operator boated under the influence

Salem man Brian Trussell, 57, was aboard the Wheatland Ferry operating the vessel when a concerned passenger called the police because Trussell appeared drunk, according to The Oregonian.

The passenger reportedly smelled alcohol on Trussell’s breath. Trussell admitted to drinking upon being questioned by police. He was booked in the Marion County Jail on charges of boating under the influence and two counts of reckless endangerment.

Extensive hit-and-run cover-up revealed in trial

A Portland hit-and-run case closed Monday as 23-year-old Ashley Chavez was sentenced to six years in prison after killing 63-year-old Nancy Schoeffler, according to The Oregonian.

The elaborate cover-up included family members and friends and even consisted of trips to San Diego to purchase car parts for her damaged Honda Accord following the incident.


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