Photos: Chuck Palahniuk and Bedtime Stories for Grown Ups at the Wow Hall

Wow Hall hosted Chuck Palahniuk, Lidia Yuknavitch, and Chelsea Cain to read from their new books Friday night in a sold out event. The stories consisted of humorous and graphic content that was topped off with candy, fun giveaways, free signed-books, and much more.

Before Chuck Palahniuk gave his reading, fans went wild with the blow up balls. (Mason Trinca/Emerald)

Chelsea Cain reads from her book, Kill You Twice and brings in a a baby doll prop to aid in her story telling. (Mason Trinca/Emerald)

Fans blow up inflatable balls filled with glowsticks to add a fun ambiance to the room while listening to the bedtimes stories of Lidia Yuknavitch. (Mason Trinca/Emerald)

Lidia Yuknavith and Chuck Palahniuk toss candy and trinkets to engaged the listeners in Chelsea Cain’s graphic and humorous novel. (Mason Trinca/Emerald)

Chelsea Cain (left) and Chuck Palahniuk (right) listen to Lidia Yuknavitch read from her book, Kill You Twice. (Mason Trinca/Emerald)

Fans watch intently as Lidia Yuknavitch reads a humorous section from her book, Kill You Twice. (Mason Trinca/Emerald).

Chuck Palahniuk holds up fake intestines while fans plead to claim possession over it. (Mason Trinca/Emerald

Chuck Palahniuk reads from his book, The Invisible Monster Remix. (Mason Trinca/Emerald)


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