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Mailbag: Response to Gangnam Style; how the Emerald failed students

Emerald failed students by not reporting construction workers

I read the school paper because I want to know about stuff on and around campus that affects me as a UO student. Your paper did not (on Oct. 29) mention what ever game was going on at Matthew Knight Arena and more importantly did not warn people of flagers in and around the area. I ride my bike on the road south of west 11th, the road that Hayward Field is on, from the UO down to Walnut. It would have been nice to have warning and explanation for those flagers. I do not even know how long I should expect those flagers and increased traffic. Your paper has failed me and the entire student body by failing to report this very relevant story. — Brian K. Ricker, student and bike rider

Story on Gangnam Style reflects Anglo-centric view

I am writing in response to the “Pro and Con” article in Thursday’s issue regarding ‘Gangnam Style.’ I’m concerned about the “bad” aspects listed for the song and its’ popularity; specifically referring to “the fact that a song with only three English words is the number one-selling song and music video in most of the world.” The writing states that the fact that the song is so popular, yet in another language besides English, is “absurd and slightly disconcerting.” This seems to reflect a very Anglo-centric view on the cultures and music of the rest of the world, implying that a song can only be understandably “popular” if it is English. I understand an opinion is an opinion, but labeling a Korean pop song as “bad” and “disconcerting” simply because it is sung in the language of the country of origin, is worrisome writing to ME. I would hope that the writers of the Emerald consider this in their work in the future, keeping an informative and culturally respective view for UO students from all over the globe. — Patrick Mason, undergraduate student

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