Top 5 ballot measures students should know about

Another election year is almost to its highly anticipated conclusion. With only days left to send in ballots, voters are given the important choice of how they want their state to run. Here at the Emerald, we have taken the top five state ballot measures that will potentially make a difference right here in Oregon. @@[email protected]@

Measure 77: Disaster preparedness

Showing wide bipartisan support, Measure 77 would amend the constitution to allow the governor more executive power during natural disasters and catastrophic emergencies. Specifically, it would give the governor more power to temporarily redirect state spending to disaster relief. @@[email protected]@

Measure 79: Real Estate Transfer Tax ban

Funded by the National Real Estate Brokerage Lobby, Measure 79 amends the state constitution to ensure a lasting tax loophole for the real estate industry. For almost two decades, taxes on the sale or transfer of houses, land and other properties have been banned by Oregon state law — with the exception of Washington County. Nevertheless, the real estate industry is spending a great deal of money to ensure such a tax would never come close to seeing the light of day. If Measure 79 passes, it would constitutionally prohibit Oregon State Legislature from implementing a statewide real estate transfer tax. @@[email protected]@

Measure 80: Marijuana legalization

Come Nov. 6, it might be fitting to put on your favorite reggae album and see if the cultivation and sale of marijuana becomes legal in Oregon. Replacing old state laws that outlaw the cultivation and possession of marijuana, Measure 80 would allow Oregonians to grow an unlimited amount of marijuana for personal use. Measure 80 would also create a new state commission that would purchase marijuana from licensed growers and sell it to pharmacies, medical research centers and stores where it would be available for purchase. Additionally, hemp would be allowed to grow for industrial purposes. @@[email protected]@

Measure 84: Estate Tax break

Measure 84 eliminates the estate tax for estates worth more than $1 million. Measure 84 is primarily funded by Stimson Lumber Company,@@ Nevada businessman Loren Parks, @@name checked[email protected]@ and two-time GOP gubernatorial candidate Kevin Mannix @@ with his nonprofit, Common Sense for Oregon. Apart from getting rid of estate taxes, Measure 84 would also give tax breaks to high-income households in Oregon by eliminating state capital gains. The Oregon Revenue Department estimates Measure 84 could cost the state at least $120 million a year, but will be covered by budget cuts to education, and state funded health-care. @@[email protected]@

Measure 85: Corporate Kicker for K-12

Passing Measure 85 would reform the old 2000 ballot Measure 86, known as the Oregon tax rebate, though commonly referred to as the corporate kicker. It is basically a tax rebate given to businesses when there is a state revenue surplus of more than two percent intended on supporting business. A “yes” on Measure 85 would reform the old tax rebate by sending the surplus money to Oregon public schools instead of to corporations. @@[email protected]@

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