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Food: Domino's hands out free pan pizza on campus

If you were lucky enough to be hanging out in front of Lillis Business Complex or near the EMU on Tuesday you might have gotten yourself a free slice of Domino’s new pan pizza. According to The Huffington Post, Domino’s CEO Patrick Doyle announced that they would be giving away half a million slices of their new pizza to promote it.

Walking by, you may have noticed the Domino’s workers milling about with dozens of pizza boxes, looking stately in their blue uniform shirts and caps. Just as I was getting a slice, the boys went through ten boxes of pizza in less than five minutes.

Pan pizzas are thicker than regular pizzas, especially around the crust, and Domino’s has two layers of cheese.

From what I’ve experienced, the new Domino’s pan pizza is cheesy, fluffy and absolutely delicious. In order to promote the product,  a medium pan pizza is $8 for a limited time.


Sam Bouchat

Sam Bouchat