Anti-abortion group Project Truth draws attention at EMU Amphitheater

Project Truth, a group that travels around to different colleges to promote pro-life beliefs, displayed graphic images of the abortion process in front of the EMU Amphitheater Monday afternoon.

Pro-choice student protesters took a place right in front of Project Truth to try to comfort students and to defend women’s rights.

“We find that their tactics are really wrong. It’s using other people’s suffering for political gain, and it’s just wrong,” said Aurora Laybourn-Candish, the organizer of the counter protest. “They’re triggering students. We want to be a form of solidarity. I want (students) to voice their own opinions, without being coerced.”

Project Truth has traveled to more than 70 different colleges across the nation to educate students about abortion and to answer any questions.

The group will occupy the EMU Amphitheater Monday and Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.


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Ian Campbell

Ian Campbell