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How to workout at home when the rec is packed

Classes are over for the day and you’re heading over to the Student Recreation Center to get in a quick workout. The only problem is that everyone and their mothers are using all the equipment, and it’s packed with people.

Or, you find yourself at home and wanting to get a nice jog during the afternoon, but because it’s Oregon, the weather isn’t cooperating and there’s a downpour outside.

You don’t have to head to the gym to get your butt kicked. A lot of exercise can be done in the comfort of home or in your dorm room if you can’t find enough time. Next time you have 20 minutes to kill, think about doing these quick and easy exercises:


Who doesn’t like to dance to their favorite songs while breaking some sweat? As long as your neighbors don’t mind your choice in music, dancing is a great way to get the heart pumping and loosen muscles. Might I suggest Kanye West’s “The New Workout Plan” as a favorite track?


It’s not a great idea to be punching and kicking near your desk or your roommate, but spending 15-20 minutes doing simple kickboxing techniques such as front kicks, squats, side kicks and punches can help keep your body toned and boost energy. Just make sure you have the room to do this.


It’s tough on the back and neck when sitting in chairs for hours studying. Yoga is a perfect time for relaxing tense muscles and getting some energy back. Consider buying a cheap yoga mat to stretch, and think about using your dorm furniture like your desk, chair or bed posts to help with stretching calves, arms and legs.

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Nicholas Filipas

Nicholas Filipas