Ducks vs. Dawgs: A timeline of the Border War

1911 – Washington beats Oregon 29-3 in Portland, after quarterback “Wee” Coyle fools the Ducks by pretending his leather helmet is the football. Named after Washington’s head coach, the “Dobie Bunk Play” becomes Oregon’s most embarrassing loss in the program’s short history. @@

1916 – Washington and Oregon both go undefeated after playing each other to a tie. Washington is crowned Pacific Coast Conference due to an ineligible player Oregon used throughout the season. The Ducks, however, represent the conference in the Rose Bowl because of “traveling cost considerations; reportedly, it was $215 cheaper to travel to Los Angeles from Eugene by train that it was from Seattle.”

1948 – After Oregon and California tied for the best record in the Pacific Coast Conference, each team in the PCC cast a vote for which team would represent the conference in the Rose Bowl. Oregon was considered a lock before Washington talked the University of Montana into picking the Bears, swinging the vote and sending Cal to face Northwestern in Pasadena.

1956 – After Washington fires head coach John Cherberg@@, the ex-coach reveals Husky football players have been receiving illegal donations in a pay-for-play scandal. The chief prosecutor of the case, Orlando Hollis, is dean of the Oregon law school. As a result of the case, all of Washington’s athletic programs are put on probation, and the PCC is dissolved. @@

1962 – Oregon quarterback Bob Berry’s potential game-winning touchdown pass falls incomplete after Huskies fans rush the field and tackle Ducks wideout Larry Hill in the endzone. The game ends in a tie. Said Oregon head coach Len Casanova: “I don’t know if it made any difference, but you can’t run a very good pattern with 1,800 kids on the field.” @@

1973 – Oregon beats Washington 58-0 in Eugene with a squad widely considered less talented.

1974 – Washington returns the favor by beating the Ducks 66-0. After vowing to score at least 59 on the Ducks, Huskies head coach Jim Owens leaves his starters in throughout the fourth quarter. The win comes at a cost. Late in the game, Washington’s starting quarterback breaks his ankle, and the team’s starting running back separates his shoulder. After the game, Owens is asked what he told his team at halftime, with the score 24-0. “I sat down and subtracted 24 from 59 and got 35.”

1993 – Washington wide receiver Jason Shelley is expelled from the team after being arrested in Eugene for breaking into an Oregon dorm and sexually assaulting an 18-year-old woman. Washington football player Doug Barnes and Washington basketball player Prentiss Perkins are also charged in the incident. Charges are later reduced to third degree sexual abuse, a misdemeanor.

1994 – Oregon’s Kenny Wheaton intercepts Washington’s Damon Huard@@ and returns it 98 yards for a program-defining touchdown to seal an upset of the then-No. 9 Huskies. The Ducks would go on to play in the Rose Bowl. Since “The Pick,” Oregon has a .711 winning percentage with a record of 150-61, and Washington is sitting at .493, with a record of 101-104.

1995 –  Oregon players are accused of spitting on Washington’s bowl-game plaques that line the tunnel going into Husky Stadium. @@

1998 – Washington’s athletic director forbids the Huskies mascot, Prince Redoubt, from traveling to Eugene after multiple death threats directed at the dog. @@

2000 – According to a Husky official, Oregon fans throw cups of urine and dog feces — along with the obligatory dog biscuits — at Washington players and staff at Autzen Stadium after the Ducks’ 23-16 win.

2001 – With potential Washington recruits in attendance, Oregon broadcasts a video of Washington head coach Rick Neuheisel@@ on the Autzen Jumbotron six times that juxtaposes Neuheisel’s image with a clip from the movie “Airplane!” of a woman vomiting into an air-sickness bag.

2002 – Washington beats Oregon 42-10, and Huskies players reemerge from the locker room after the game to dance on the “O” at Autzen Stadium’s 50-yard line for 30 minutes.’

2011 – In Husky Stadium’s last game before a $250 million renovation, Oregon pulls away in the second half en route to a 34-17 win. Current Washington quarterback Keith Price is picked off twice in the first half by Ducks’ safety Eddie Pleasant.@@names correct@@


Matt Walks

Matt Walks