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Best views in Eugene

Spencer Butte@@http://www.spencersbutte.com/@@ is by far one of the most popular hikes in Eugene and for good reason. Just a short drive south from campus, the hike can take all day or just a few hours, depending on where hikers enter the trail. Either way, the end result is the same — a sight unlike any other.

Seeing Eugene from the ground level is great, but seeing it from Spencer’s summit at just over 2,000 feet@@http://www.spencersbutte.com/facts/@@ is a completely different experience. On a clear day, all of Eugene’s and the area’s landmarks can be picked out, including the mountains that lock the city in.

Another important sight for any new Eugenean is Pre’s Rock. About a mile east from campus near Hendricks Park on Skyline Boulevard, the rock marks the spot where, in 1975, legendary runner Steve Prefontaine crashed his car and was killed.@@http://virtualglobetrotting.com/map/steve-prefontaines-memorial-pres-rock/@@ Pre’s influence is still felt in Eugene, though, both to runners and non-runners alike. His rock, at which admirers leave race mementos, speaks to the spirit and heart of TrackTown, USA.@@http://www.gotracktownusa.com/@@

Although it’s not a breathtaking hike or historical landmark, Alton Baker Park is another must-see in Eugene. Located near Autzen Stadium, the park has many random statues and structures displaying the quirkiness of Eugene, such as a scale model of the sun and planets along the river bike path. Whether it’s early autumn or late spring, walking through Alton Baker Park is a relaxing way to clear your head and spend the day.

Perhaps the most important view in Eugene is also the most accessible. If you live near a parking garage, can climb on your roof, have a balcony or have friends with any of these things, then you’re halfway there. Now, wait for a sunset. Or a sunny day. Or bundle up once it gets cold and sit out with hot chocolate. Some of the most amazing views happen when you’re watching the world close to home.

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