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Five ways to make your house party-ready for Friday night

Party hard or go home

You know that big white house on 17th and Hilyard? Or 14th and Patterson? Beer cans and party cups everywhere and it looks like they have more furniture on their front porch than they do inside?

The West University neighborhood has a lot to offer and is a huge contributor to the college life experience, especially with the house parties. So when you move to that part of campus, there will be some high expectations if you want to be the hot spot where everyone spends their Friday nights. If you are new at this, let us give you some tips and send you on your way on being the best party hosts.

Give your house a name. It needs to be catchy and simple. No long names like Pink Palace of Girls. First, that’s really stupid, and second, who would want to go to The Pink Palace? When you think of a name, you always want to include the word, “The.” For example; The Maxi Pad, The Last Resort, The Society, The Fantasy Factory, The Academy, etc. Pick names that come across bold, strong and humorous or whatever describes the house.

Clear out space for foot traffic and dance moves.

Place used alcohol bottles around your counters. Definitely sends the party vibe. Make sure you are stocked up on shot glasses as well as red solo cups.

Create a beer pong table or get one. Check out our DIY article for how to make your own beer pong table. Having a beer pong table gives your guests something to do.

Provide seating space. Place couches everywhere. Placing chairs or even couches outside will give you that party image.

Find a friend who DJs. Lets take a step away from Pandora because how embarrassing is it when a commercial comes on? Provide real music. There has been a rise in DJs, start hunting them down! But if worst comes to worst and you can’t find one, there is a new and better song app called Songza. No iPhone? No worries, you can go to They base their playlists off of moods. For example, one of their most played playlists is “Pre-funking with friends.”


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Kristina Pham-Loo

Kristina Pham-Loo