Dylan Buell gives handy geography lesson for upcoming college football season

College football kicks off tomorrow (!) with a full slate of games from across the country. In the Pac-12, we have Northern Colorado at Utah, Washington State at BYU and Northern Arizona at Arizona State. While Oregon fans have to wait a few more days to see the Ducks in action, SB Nation designer and photographer Dylan Buell has released a Division I rivalry map  detailing football team loyalties down to the country level.

The Mason-Dixon line for Oregon runs, predictably, between Eugene and Corvallis, along Jefferson and Cook counties before claiming Grant county for the Ducks.

The South is a rainbow mess, and the Rust Belt is carved up as well, but maybe no team gets shorter shrift than Stanford. The Cardinal faithful are sandwiched between Cal and Fresno State.

**Editor’s Note: A previous version of the story incorrectly attributed the map to SB Nation. The map was, in fact, made by designer and photographer Dylan Buell, a recent graduate of Ball State.**


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