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Q&A with Max Forer, a former Duck football player in law school this fall

Max Forer,former Duck football player (Turner Maxwell/Oregon Daily Emerald)

, will be entering into his first year of law school this year, hoping to become a double Duck. Below, Forer talks about the problems that current law students face, his football career and his motivation to become a lawyer.

What made you want to go into law school?

Both of my parents were lawyers, and so my whole entire life I have wanted to go to law school. Ever since I was five actually. I always looked up to my dad. He always had books, and so I always thought it would be the coolest thing ever to have books. To argue, to represent someone, to deal with issues and be in a skill set like being a lawyer; it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do.

Has playing football always been something you have wanted to do as well?

Yeah, I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to play football here, and I’ve always dreamed to play at a Pac-10 university — at the time it was Pac-10 — as the Oregon Ducks. There were sometimes billboards in L.A. — ’cause that’s where I’m originally from — that said “Gain Green” … (he saw) Joey “Heisman” when he was in Times Square, and the uniforms just caught my eye and to be able to be part of the National Championship team and a Rose Bowl team, you know. It was a dream of mine that not very many people can fulfill, and I was able to experience it.

Did you consider a pro football career? 

You know, I did for a second. I got off better with not a lot of injuries. I had a concussion, I had a dislocated thumb and a really messed up ankle, but overall, I came across very healthy. And I thought about it, but I realized my path would be with my head and not my body. I wanted to be a lawyer.

Are you familiar with the current problems law grads are facing? How do you feel about that?

Yeah, I am a bit familiar with it. It’s something that does bother me in a way, but I want to be out there trying to be who I am and get the best grades I can and be as successful as I can, and so I just feel that if I — just like in my football career —  if I continually do what I think I should be doing and keep on going up the rungs of the ladder, at some point I will get to that goal even if their job market is sometimes a little bit rough for lawyers coming out of law school. I still think that if I stay true to course like I think I should, I’ll be okay.

Do you think that with time the economy will pick up and current problems will disappear?

My dad said it to me best, that the world always needs a good lawyer and a good lawyer will always have a job. Now, that may not be the case for someone coming out of law school ’cause they probably won’t be a good, great lawyer. I do think that the economy will come back around, and we’re lucky to be in America.

What impact has Oregon had on your life?

I took a year off from undergraduate and came back up, and I realized in that year off that Eugene is a wonderful place to live. The low cost of living, the great bars, everyone is nice and friendly. You don’t just get that in Los Angeles. People are cutting you off and flipping you off, and it’s just wild. So yes, I absolutely do. I think Eugene had an extremely positive impact in my life, and that’s why I’m back to try to become a double Duck. I initially was thinking about not coming back, but with that year off, that’s when I realized there’s no better place than Eugene and to be a Duck.

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