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Tips for the ideal summer barbecue

Mother nature has been teasing Eugene lately. It seems as though it’s not quite time for summer yet. Regardless, when the sun’s out it might as well be the middle of July. So whether it’s the beginning of June or the end of August, make the most of the sun when it’s around.

There is at least one activity that summer is synonymous with: barbecues. Yes, barbecue season is fast (and finally) approaching. So gather your favorite people together, grab some brews and feast in the summer sun. Here are some ways to make said gathering that much more successful.


1) Quality protein and/or vegetables

Take into consideration the quality of food product that you will be serving. Instead of skimping on quality, have some people help with the bill, and pick up some healthy, local meats. I’d recommend stopping by Long’s Meat Market off East 28th and Willamette.@@[email protected]@ They have a great selection, and it’s worth the extra cash. In short, because food is at the core of a great barbecue, make sure the food you serve is quality.

2) Quality beer (or wine)

Nothing goes better with sunshine and grilling quite like a crisp brew. Plus, it’ll make the party more lively and that much more interesting.

3) Good company

If there’s anything other than food that can ruin a barbecue, it’s the people you invite. Make sure that the people you surround yourself with actually make you happy, otherwise it might be a painful few hours.

4) A good grill

There is something to be said about using a propane-fueled grill. It may be a tricky find on a budget, but if you can attain one, it would be worth your while.

5) Music

Nothing brings people together quite like music. The whole idea of your barbecue is to bring people together, right?

6) Good weather

Grilling in the rain just isn’t as satisfying as grilling in the summer sun. Nature can ruin the fun sometimes.

7) A spacious outdoor area

Grill outside, and eat outside. There’s nothing better.

A barbecue is a simple way to enjoy the good weather, spend time with new and old friends and eat delicious food. It’s the perfect way to spend a hot afternoon or enjoy a relaxing summer evening. It may seem simple, but a good barbecue can leave a lasting impression. So if you have the means, get your favorite people together and enjoy the summer festivities.

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