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Sasquatch! 2012: A unique experience of music and culture

Sasquatch! is unlike anything you could ever experience. Sure, there are many similar festivals that attempt to provide similar experiences; however, none of these festivals can really match the environment and grandeur of spending four days at The Gorge surrounded by incredible music and modern-day hippies. Sasquatch! is the mecca for all that is current within the music culture. It blends genres perfectly into a massive conglomerate of musical talent. The festival is a world of its own and because of that, hoards of revelers make the annual pilgrimage to the land of Sasquatch! in search of an unrivaled atmosphere and to immerse themselves in music and art. Essentially, the festival is an experience that will remain significant within each attendee’s hearts for the rest of their lives. @@

One of the most important aspects of the Sasquatch! experience is camping. Of course, the music is always the most significant part of the festival, but camping provides for an environment that nurtures friendships and breaks down social barriers. At Sasquatch!, everyone is equal.

Camping at Sasquatch! is a grimy, tribal experience. It allows you to get in touch with reality and the simplicity of nature. After four days you begin to realize that you could do this for even longer. The real world starts to seem boring and depressing. Why would we choose to go back to the real world if we could stay at Sasquatch! forever?

The campgrounds are a communal experience. It’s an escape from reality that lets you get in touch with your emotions and your personality. Not only does it let you do some soul searching, it also provides you with the opportunity to open yourself to meeting new people from all over the Pacific Northwest. Believe it or not, Sasquatch! can and will shape your personality.

Once you enter the festival grounds on the first day, you suddenly realize what everyone is here for: music. Music is the essence of Sasquatch!. It opens up your perspectives and presents you with genres that you would have otherwise been close-minded about. If you go into the festival with an open mind, it will definitely broaden your musical landscape.

Experiencing live music at The Gorge is a powerful and emotional experience. It may seem unlikely, however, that The Gorge has the power to break even the most emotionally strong person down to tears. When Bon Iver performed “Skinny Love” on Sunday night, tears were not a rare sight. In fact, they were pretty common. Sasquatch! fosters an environment that will change the way you listen to music. Your favorite songs will never sound the same. New songs will become life-changing memories.

The musical repertoire of Sasquatch! blends electronic music and rock in an unrivaled way. Colorado’s Pretty Lights was given the main stage treatment and put together an unprecedented, iconic performance that left thousands of people speechless. When Jack White took the stage and the main stage fell silent awaiting the initial guitar riffs, all you could hear was thumping bass from the dance tent. But when Jack White picked up his guitar and shredded the first notes, the crowd erupted. His performance proved that even though electronic music has become a staple of modern music, rock ‘n’ roll would always reign. @@

Sasquatch! will change your life. That may seem overly dramatic, but it isn’t. If you embrace the Sasquatch! culture it will legitimately strengthen your perspective. There’s a reason people fall in love with the experience. The opportunity is there; next year, do not miss out on the best weekend of the year.

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Pretty Lights

Jack White



Bon Iver


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