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Summer music festivals and how to survive them

The warm weather and sunshine are bringing out the summer vibes in everyone. However, the warm weather and sunshine doesn’t just mark the beginning of the summer, it also marks the beginning of the music festival season. With Sasquatch! only a few short days away, there are some important things to consider before heading out of Eugene this summer to indulge in music, friends and the counterculture. @@

While it may appear to be a simple task, attending a music festival actually requires physical and monetary dedication. You’ve done all the initial steps: purchasing tickets months in advance, persuading friends to join the adventure and shamelessly bragging about the fact that you’re going to anyone with a pair of ears that’s willing to listen. Now that the time has come (at least for those of you heading out to the Gorge this Memorial Day weekend) to head to the market, gather up the dusty camping gear and cram into a car for a few (or many) hours.


Most importantly of all: bring your ticket!

Pack copious amounts of water. In fact, bring double the amount of water you were originally planning on bringing. One thing is certain: you will not survive the weekend on cheap beer alone.@@[email protected]@

Unless you’re made of money or just came up on a hefty inheritance, you will be quite unenthusiastic about paying for food at the venue. Instead of dropping $10 on an awful-tasting breakfast, pick up a charcoal grill and get creative with your meals. It may not be a weekend of gourmet dining, but it will certainly get the job done.

Do not forget a tent and sleeping bag. If you bring any camping equipment at all, do not by any means forget these two items. Even though it might be beautiful and warm during the day, temperatures will probably drop dramatically at night. Moreover, bring a jacket.


Totem poles are awesome festival props and can serve multiple purposes. First off, you can designate your campground so you don’t end up lost among the thousands of other festival-goers. Second, your group can stand out from the crowd during the actual show. Lastly, you can grab the attention of your favorite artists while they perform. Who wouldn’t like that?

If you’re of age, pick up plenty of your favorite beer or liquor. After all, you are going to a music festival. While abusing alcohol for the entire weekend is not condoned, it’s perfectly reasonable to indulge in some imbibing while you’re separated from the rest of society.

If you’re trying to make the experience even goofier, invest in some inflatable pool toys. You’d be surprised how something as simple as this can get a crowd of people unusually excited.

Make sure you have plenty of music for the drive. Nothing is more boring than a four-plus hour drive to a festival in complete silence. Start the festivities early.


Although this is by no means a complete guide to the festival experience, it should provide some direction to make the most of your outing. An important detail to remember is that you are essentially escaping reality for a few days. Therefore, make the most of it. Don’t be afraid to get weird. Embrace the experience; music festivals provide incredible life experiences. Now go out there and have the time of your life.

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