Keeping an eye on DPS summer activities

The Department of Public Safety’s calendar this summer is chalk full of events due to the Olympic Trials and sending officers to a police academy in Salem.

Scheduled to begin less than a week after the end of spring term, the USA Track and Field Olympic Trials will return to Eugene for the second consecutive time since 2008. The Olympic Trials will take place at Hayward Field from June 21 through July 1,@@ and according to TrackTown USA’s Twitter account, the total attendance could surpass 200,000 for the 10-day event.

According to DPS spokesperson Kelly McIver, @@[email protected]@security for the event will be provided by a joint effort among DPS, Eugene Police Department and Oregon state law enforcement.

“DPS does not have the personnel to drive this event, so outside sources will be helping as well,” McIver said.

EPD spokesperson Melinda McLaughlin@@[email protected]@ declined to comment on the exact number of officers who will be assigned to the trials, noting that such information is a security issue.

Throughout the summer, too, a handful of DPS officers will be attending and graduating from the police academy in Salem as a part of the effort to add eight sworn police officers to DPS’ personnel by the beginning of the 2012-13 school year.

DPS Chief Doug Tripp @@[email protected]@is among those currently at the academy and is expected to graduate June 15.

Tripp will join acting in-charge director and chief Carolyn McDermed,@@[email protected]@ Lt. Mike Morrow@@[email protected]@ and Lt. Brandon Lebrecht, @@[email protected]@who are all certified police officers after having completed proper training.

McIver said two additional sergeants are expected to graduate from the academy in August.

DPS is continuing the hiring process for the open position of Police Captain of Public Safety – a position DPS is aiming to fill by the start of the 2012-13 school year. McIver said DPS hopes to train and familiarize the new captain with the University before students arrive for the start of fall quarter.

The open position’s minimum requirements are a bachelor’s degree, five years of law enforcement experience and three-years experience in managerial positions,@@okay, at this point, i am wondering why we need these last two [email protected]@ campus and metropolitan areas and community areas, according to the job posting on the University’s human resource site. @@[email protected]@

The captain will have jurisdiction over and responsibility for the Targeted Crimes Unit, Crime Analysis and Investigations Unit, Community Engagement Unit and the Event Management and Tactical Preparedness Unit. @@[email protected]@

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