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Make the most of the warm weather with this sunny-day playlist

The long, cold, dark and wet days of Eugene’s winter season are finally gone (hopefully for good). Whether you’re enjoying the weather along with a nice drive to the beach, a spirited game of dodgeball or a book-and-brew combo, you need some good tunes to help set the warm mood. Here’s our sunny-day playlist to help you out.

Mitch Small’s picks

“Butterfly Kisses” by The Depreciation Guild

Blast this through your stereo because The Depreciation Guild’s @@[email protected]@uptempo, chiptune-shoegaze rock is perfect driving music for the summer. Huge guitar textures mesh beautifully with lo-fi synthesizers, while reverbed-out vocals top the mix. Equal parts warm and chilly, “Butterfly Kisses” is the sonic manifestation of driving with the windows down.

Trashcan” by The Delta Spirit

Slowing things down is this soulful number, perfect for the day so bright and hot that you don’t feel like moving. “Trashcan” is hardly lifeless, though. The stompy, blown-out drums at the beginning set the bright but moody tone while the vocalist howls a tale of woe and ecstasy in every measure.

Intellitag” by µ-Ziq

I have a well-documented love of late-’90s “intelligent dance music,” but “Intellitag” isn’t some dusty, pretentious selection from my library; the melodies are playful, the drums are fast and driving and the atmosphere is light. To me, this track feels like being on the back porch as the ideal summer day comes to a close.

Kevin Piaskowski’s picks

“This Head I Hold” by Electric Guest

Electric Guest is an incredibly talented band hailing from sunny Los Angeles. The band consists of two frontmen, Asa Taccone and Matthew Compton,@@;_ylu=X3oDMTE1amhwcDBkBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDNARjb2xvA3NrMQR2dGlkA1NNRTA4MV8yMzU-/SIG=137rgsf6f/EXP=1337070555/**http%3a// and a host of supporting musicians. Electric Guest makes sexy, addicting indie jams. This track is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.

“Laughter Crescendo” (2012 version) by Bassnectar

Bassnectar’s recent album “Vava Voom,” features an incredible array of bass explosion. If you’re unfamiliar with Bassnectar productions, “Laughter Crescendo” is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the sound. It’s a beautifully crafted tune making any sunny afternoon extraordinary.

“Rock It” by Little Red

Little Red is a four-piece rock group from Melbourne, Australia. Their classic hit, “Rock It,” came out in 2010, and has aged well. “Rock It” is the perfect tune to close out a sunny afternoon, and it has all the energy required to motivate listeners into seeking out some warm evening activities.

Rebecca Sedlak’s picks

“Summer Boy” by Lady Gaga

This song is Lady Gaga not sounding like Lady Gaga. There’s a strong Gwen Stefani tone and Blondie influence in this fun pop song. You might catch yourself singing along to the catchy hook or getting the melody stuck in your head. This song is breezy and bright; there’s nothing wrong with focusing on sultry summer romances.

“Sunday Sun” by Beck

The Indian banjo, guitars, percussion and glockenspiel really give this song a laid-back, hazy feel. The repetitive lyrics and chill vibe are perfect for a warm day of lying on the grass and soaking in the sun. The end of the song is a little grittier, but it adds a nice touch.

“Ghostwriter” by RJD2

Mostly instrumental, this five-minute-and-then-some song has a great beat. It starts out slow and unassuming and rises to waves of epicness. It’s the perfect song to listen to as you walk through campus or to and from your house — a soundtrack for a sun-filled walk.

Ben Kendall’s picks

“Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra

“Mr. Blue Sky” by the British rock band Electric Light Orchestra (or ELO to enthusiasts) is the quintessential sunny day song. The first lyric is quite apt for Eugene: “Sun is shinin’ in the sky, there ain’t a cloud in sight. It’s stopped rainin’, everybody’s in a play and don’t you know it’s a beautiful new day.” I can’t remember being more happy driving down the street to that song.

“Parklife” by Blur

My second pick comes from another British band, Blur. “Parklife,” from their album of the same name, has a peppy feeling (as does most of the music on this album). “Parklife” almost reminds me of being hungover and outside — walking down the sidewalk, a danger to yourself and others.

“Kaze Wo Atsumete” by Happy End

I’m not hip enough to have found the song “Kaze Wo Atsumete” by the Japanese band Happy End on my own, but I have heard it. I’ve read the translated lyrics, and they don’t translate all that well. I honestly have no idea what the lyrics mean, as I don’t speak Japanese. I was exposed to this song from the “Lost in Translation” soundtrack. A great song for the warm sun.

Amanda Barker’s picks

“Barefoot Blue Jean Night” by Jake Owen

This is one song that is good even when the sun goes down — just you and your friends hanging out by the campfire. What’s better than never growing up and never slowing down? Only this song and an ice-cold beer.

“Summertime” by Kenny Chesney

The best part about sun is knowing summer is just around the corner. Kenny Chesney reminds us of that in “Summertime,” a classic. He talks about school being out, hanging out with friends and chilling out with bare feet. Only two words come to mind when thinking about all three things: summer vacation.

“Old Alabama” by Brad Paisley and Alabama

Last, but certainly not least, “Old Alabama” by Brad Paisley and Alabama is a double whammy. Not only are you getting Brad Paisley, but you’re getting Alabama, too. Oh yeah, and great country music.

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