We Are Oregon wins ASUO presidential elections

We Are Oregon candidates Laura Hinman and Nick McCain won the ASUO presidential election Friday. They will take office in late May.

The elections were posted late Friday afternoon and the news quickly spread. We Are Oregon supporter Greg Mills called Hinman to tell her the news.

Greg Mills and another We are Oregon volunteer celebrate after Laura Hinman and Nick McCain are named ASUO president and vice president for the 2012-2013 school year. (Michael Ciaglo/Oregon Daily Emerald)

Casey Drobnick and another Ben and Lamar supporter console each other as the We are Oregon campaign is named the winners of the ASUO executive ticket Friday afternoon. (Michael Ciaglo/Oregon Daily Emerald)

“Hey Laura, we won! Yes, I’m serious!” he said.

Hinman was excited by the news.

“I’m so humbled and honored to be the next ASUO president,” she said. “It was been an incredible three-week journey and I’m excited to work on the promises we made.”

While the majority of the election is over, there will be one more week of elections for Senate Seat 12. According to Elections Coordinator Cedar Cosner, a Duckweb glitch invalidated the vote.

Every name has a number next to it and the program counts votes that each number receives. For some reason, Senate Seat 12 and Senate Seat 9 had the same number. Therefore, the vote will have to be redone.

Vice presidential candidate Lamar Wise from the Ben and Lamar campaign was proud of the work his team did.

“I am very appreciative of all the supporters we have,” he said. “Ben and I had a great team of young progressives, and we can only go up from here.”

Presidential candidate Ben Bowman echoed Wise’s thoughts.

“Lamar and I engaged a whole new generation of progressive leaders in this election and we’re both incredibly proud of the work our team put in over the last few weeks,” Bowman said. “The volunteers of our campaign poured their hearts into this thing and deserved better than the unfortunate circumstances of this election.”

He said he intends to work with Hinman in the upcoming year.

Aside from the problems with Duckweb, We Are Oregon candidates swept the rest of the senate seats.


Emily Schiola

Emily Schiola