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Put away those sweatpants and break out new colors for a spring wardrobe

Springtime brings the opportunity for casual wear including v-necks and plaid shorts for guys and lace haltertops and jean shorts for girls. (Alex McDougall/Oregon Daily Emerald)

The days of sweatpants, North Face jackets and Uggs are slowly coming to an end as Oregonians start developing a relationship with the springtime sun. It might take a while for that relationship to fully develop this year (seeing as it snowed buckets during Finals Week), but it is important to recognize that soon we have a choice to make: We can either rejoice, welcoming warmer weather and a wardrobe change, or we can cling to our well-worn comfort clothes.

A wardrobe change is probably the best idea. Students’ outfits all look the same in the winter. @@speak for yourself. I look great every [email protected]@Springtime calls for lighter colors and textures and, amazingly, even things like sunglasses and sandals.


Ladies, it might seem cliched @@don’t question my authority, it’s “cliched” and not “cliche”@@to suggest pastels for spring clothes colors, but it makes the most sense. Wear colors you wouldn’t wear in the dead of January. Match the season as you get dressed and think softer, lighter and looser.@@like my new [email protected]@

For something more modern, try pairing pastel or neutral colors with chunks of light neon like a pink blazer or mint nail polish.

Guys, khaki or dark brown shorts are great because they have a warm-weather feel to them, and the colors go with almost anything. As for tees, solid colors are in this year (neon too) as well as tees with thin stripes.


Ladies, spring is the perfect time to wear a jean jacket because it’s usually not hot enough to go without a jacket and it isn’t usually so cold that you need much more for warmth. Jean jackets can be paired with a long maxi skirt (or a shorter one) or some khaki pants.

When it comes to pants, try out lighter denim this spring. Roll up the ankles to transform a normal outfit to a weather-appropriate one in an instant, and throw on a thin leather belt.

Also don’t be afraid to try things like lace tops or crop tops (or a combination of the two) because they work perfectly with a pair of high-waisted shorts.

Guys, leather belts are always a nice addition to light denim or khaki shorts. In lieu of a bulky hoodie or jacket, opt for a simple cardigan. Cardigans usually work best paired with a V-neck or a plaid flannel shirt underneath, depending on the occasion and weather.


For the ladies it’s important to remember that you can still wear your favorite scarves and leather boots. Pair them with springtime clothes that keep the ensemble as carefree and as light as possible. Following that, however, is a reminder that you don’t have to wear boots anymore. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that other shoes exist, such as gladiator sandals or ballerina flats. Again, just a reminder.

Also, backpacks (the huge, bulky ones) have a trudging, wintry look to them. I don’t know why that is. Especially if it matches your outfit, a shoulder bag or large purse can be a change that is refreshing and less school-like for spring term.@@I need a backpack because I take classes that require books. I know it’s hard to [email protected]@

And guys, sandals and vintage shades are great for warm weather as always. Oh, and don’t wear socks that hit your ankle at an awkward length while you’re wearing shorts.

Students are given the opportunity to take off their rain gear when the sun comes out. Though what they choose to put on instead is entirely up to them, some of these tips might put a little spring in their step.@@[email protected]@

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Rebecca Sedlak

Rebecca Sedlak