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In spring, a young man’s thoughts: 10 reasons spring term is the best term

As spring is upon us, there are a ton of reasons to be glad you’re a Duck — too many to count, really. But we tried anyway!

10. Off-campus opportunities come alive — Go camping, shopping or take a trip. Just get out of the house!

9. The sports — This is TrackTown USA@@[email protected]@ after all, and the baseball team isn’t too shabby this season either.

8. Eating outside at restaurants — Rennie’s Landing, McMenamins@@ and many other restaurants have great spots to enjoy a meal and the weather at the same time.

7. People-watching — The landscape of people in Eugene is unique to look at year-round, but it steps up a notch when the sun starts shining.

6. Holidays (Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day) — Put on the sombrero or take off for the most valuable three-day weekend of the year. College kids don’t shouldn’t let these two holidays pass quietly.

5. Being outside — Read or nap on the lawns around campus. Now you actually have an excuse for procrastinating. Plus, who doesn’t love dodging Frisbees on their way to class? (Just when you thought you were safe…)

4. The clothes — Pack away the parkas, ’tis the season for shorts and flip-flops. Gentlemen, this does not necessarily mean “sun’s out, guns out” so use discretion (and tanning oil).

3. People’s attitudes are brighter — Happiness is infectious, and spring term has a way of brightening people’s days. Spread the joy — start the trend.

2. The weather — When the sun is out, the University is one of the most beautiful campuses in the country, and you can’t help but feel like there’s no place you’d rather be.

1. The End: Summer is here — It’s closing time! You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here! (Unless you stay for the summer term or just hang out in Eugene, which just means, well, you can.)

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