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Letter: Katie and Alex slate empowers the historically marginalized

Dear syndicalists and comrades, @@http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/[email protected]@

I have been running on a serious issue of social and environmental justice; it is clear to me that these values are best upheld by the Katie and Alex political ticket. Their ticket, which includes Naduah Wheeler, Jesse K. Fukawa, Hussein Abu-Hamden, Alexandra Flores-Quilty, Luis Armeta, Eric Koechlin, Erica (Alexia) Ledesman, Elizabeth Luh, Carli Renee Barnum, Casey Drobnick, Michael King and others, demonstrates a solid attempt to empower marginalized communities. No other slate would leave even a quarter of senate with people of color or representative of LGBTQA communities. It is disturbing that other slates encourage “depoliticization of the ASUO.” How exactly does one depoliticize student government, which is explicitly political? @@http://votekatieandalex.org/the-slate/@@

Ben and Lamar offer student tickets, because football is “the student experience,” while We are Oregon offers a concert, because group dance is “the college experience.” To homogenize identity as one “Oregon experience” is fatuous. Identity comes from a multiplicity of experiences — which has only been demonstrated by the Katie and Alex ticket.

My campaign has been a mode of political theater to challenge all systems of oppression. The agendas of We are Oregon and Ben and Lamar are a dangerous call for groupthink to which any thinking student must be fundamentally opposed.

By encouraging people of color candidates, female identified candidates and LGBTQA candidates, Katie and Alex offer the only thoughtful approach to meaningfully empower marginalized communities. Katie’s work as vice president brings a foundational knowledge of how to resist encroachment upon student rights. Katie is also a leader (who was arrested for her conviction opposing student debt) and offers an action-based approach to seriously engage with their platform. Katie and Alex are not playing games.

As much as I oppose the hierarchy of the republic, the only feasible platform to engage with this system is to empower those who have been historically marginalized. It is for this reason that I urge all students to vote for Katie and Alex and their entire slate.

Cimmeron Gillespie
Abolish Capitalism ASUO campaign

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