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Letter: Katie Taylor has established herself as a leader in sustainability

The University brands itself as a leader in sustainability in this nation. For students who want to make the University’s image match the reality on our campus, Katie and Alex are the best choice for ASUO Executive.

Katie Taylor has established herself as a real leader in sustainability initiatives. She organized the campaign that shut down the Boardman Coal Plant@@http://www.oregonlive.com/business/index.ssf/2010/08/[email protected]@, and last year she ran a campaign that successfully reinstated the moratorium on offshore @@one word according to [email protected]@oil drilling. Katie Taylor has consistently proven herself as a champion of the environment. I know and trust that she will continue to do so in office.

Katie and Alex will prioritize sustainability in the EMU/SRC renovation projects. They will ensure that this building and all updated campus buildings will meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards. Taking a lead in creating sustainable buildings is essential for the future of campus, and Katie and Alex can make it happen.

Katie and Alex will also increase initiatives to create sustainable transportation. Katie and Alex will increase bike parking, expand bike sharing and protect funding for LTD bus passes. Helping students get around with a smaller carbon footprint is a real solution we can implement now, and Katie and Alex can help.

The students of the University have an opportunity to make our school a true leader in creating a greener, more sustainable society. Katie and Alex are the leadership we need. Are you in?

Elise Downing@@http://directory.uoregon.edu/telecom/directory.jsp?p=findpeople%2Ffind_results&m=student&d=person&b=name&[email protected]@
Climate Justice League codirector@@http://www.climatejusticeleague.org/@@

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